Haralson Historical Society Archives

Mission Statement

The Haralson County Historical Society Archives has been established in order to protect, manage, procure, and make available for research all materials related to the county's significant structures, its municipalities, and the legal, economic, social, educational, and artistic aspects of the lives of its citizens, throughout the county's history, to the end of serving the mission of the Haralson County Historical Society.

See our Acquisition/ Collection Management Policy for more information.


Our collections are open to the public during these times (excluding major holidays):

M-Th      11am-6pm
Sat        10am-2pm

Contact Information

The Haralson County Historical Society Archives is located in the Historic Courthouse in Buchanan, Georgia (pictured at left).  The address is listed below:

145 Van Wert St.
PO Box 585
Buchanan, GA 30113

Phone: 770-646-3369

Fax:  770-646-1103

or contact us via email