Haralson Historical Society Archives

Acquisition/ Collection Management Policy
Haralson County Historical Society Archives

I.  Mission Statement

The Haralson County Historical Society Archives has been established in order to protect, manage, procure, and make available for research all materials related to the county's significant structures, its municipalities, and the legal, economic, social, educational, and artistic aspects of the lives of its citizens, throughout the county's history, to the end of serving the mission of the Haralson County Historical Society.

II.  Types of Programs Supported by the Collections

A.  Research

This collection supports research conducted by scholars, students, and the general public, focused on the following areas:  the history of land ownership and taxation in Haralson County from the late 19th century to the last quarter of the 20th century; the history of marriages in the county for the middle decades of the 20th century; public health concerns in 1930s Haralson County; photographic documentation of historic buildings, community events, and county citizens; the business history of Haralson County; and election results from the third quarter of the 20th century.  The data contained in many of the records held by the archives makes the collection especially valuable to genealogical research projects.

B.  Archival Education

The Archives will work with educational institutions in the area to offer instruction in the field of archives in the form of internships.

C.  Exhibits

The Archives will periodically create and display exhibits using items of particular historical interest from the collection to promote public interest in the history of Haralson County.

III. Access

Access to collections will be granted to scholars, students, and the general public once a Research Application has been completed and according to the Access Policy.

IV.  Development of the Collection

A.  Collection Strengths

The strengths of this collection are in the areas of the legal, economic, and social history of Haralson County and its citizens.

B.  Collection Weaknesses

At present, this collection is weak regarding original documents pertaining to the significant historic county structures, documents and publications by or about noteworthy county citizens, items reflecting the artistic prowess of the citizenry, and materials documenting the educational aspects of life in Haralson County.

C.  Subject Areas Collected

The Archives seeks to exhaustively collect books and original material providing information or interpretations about the county's significant historic structures and its municipalities, as well as those which reflect the aspects of county life detailed in the mission statement.

D.  Chronological Periods Collected

The Archives desires a chronologically intensive collection, spanning from human prehistory to the recent past.

E.  Geographic Areas Collected

Collections will be limited in geographic extent to the area currently comprising Haralson County.  Materials primarily focused on other areas of Georgia or the southeastern United States will be collected only rarely and when they provide unique information or interpretations regarding the county or its citizens.

F.  Exclusions

The archives does not accept photocopies of original materials, unless the copy meets at least one of the following criteria:



the copy is somehow useful in obtaining the original of which it is a copy;

the copy provides information or interpretations not currently available in the archives and it can be established that the copy is an accurate reproduction of the original (e.g., a copy notarized in or around the time period in which it was created or used)

V.  Acquisitions

Materials are acquired through gifts, deposits (i.e., loans), purchases, and transfers and are subject to all rules, regulations, and restrictions of their respective acquisition forms and policies.

VI.  Referral

Should materials be deemed inappropriate for acquisition by the terms of this policy, the Haralson County Historical Society Archives will refer the donor or depositor to a more appropriate repository.

VII.  Deaccession Policy

Collections will be reviewed on an annual basis.  Duplicate items or items that no longer meet the collection criteria (see section IV) will be recommended for deaccessioning by the archivist.  A list of these items will be submitted to the officers of the Historical Society at the meeting following the review.  Items may be struck from the list as the officers see fit.  A majority vote will be required to approve the final list of items to be deaccessioned.

Deaccessioning will be governed by the terms of acquisition.  The Archives will make every effort to transfer these items to the appropriate repository.  Disposal and destruction are always a last resort.

rev. 06/24/2009

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