Haralson Historical Society Archives

How to Search

1.  Click on the "Collections" tab at the top of any page.

2.  From the collections page, select the collection group that's most likely to contain what you're looking for 
     (use the descriptions of each group on this page to help you).

3.  Each subsequent page will present you with choices to further narrow your search.  Click on the groups
     and series links until you reach a page that lists all the items that comprise the series.

4.  Once you reach the catalog listing page, find the item you need and record the following information:
Accession Number
Group Code
(e.g., RG 7, MG 3, or PG 6)
Box/ Book Number
Volume/ Folder (V/F) Number
Location Code
     This is the information you'll use to physically locate the records in our archives.

5.  Using the Location Code and the map below, determine where to start looking for the records.
    The three characters in the location code denote section, column, and shelf.  For example,
    items with the location code 4-A-2 are located in section 4, column "A" (as per the map),
    shelf 2. 

6.  Use the Group Code and Box/ Book Number to locate the appropriate item.  For items stored in
     boxes, you'll need the Volume/ Folder (V/F) Number to locate the item within the box.

*NOTE:  A Research Application  must be completed before any access will be granted to the physical records.