Haralson Historical Society Archives

{2.14}  Business Licenses

AccessionDescriptionGroupSeriesBook/ BoxV/FLocation
A008.001Veteran's Business Applications 1951-1957RG 2{2.14}Box 58VF 13-A-4
A008.001Records of Liquor Sale Licenses 1878-1884RG 2{2.14}Box 58VF 23-A-4
A008.001Record of Druggists' Licences 1881-1917RG 2{2.14}Box 58VF 33-A-4
A008.001Record of Livestock Dealers 1938RG 2{2.14}Box 58VF 43-A-4
A008.001Cotton Ginners' Records 1913-1915 (?)RG 2{2.14}Box 58VF 53-A-4
A008.001Glassblowers of TallapoosaRG 2{2.14}Box 58VF 63-A-4