Haralson Historical Society Archives

Deposit Policy









The Haralson County Historical Society will accept, on deposit, materials which are appropriate for the collection as defined in the Acquisitions/ Collection Management Policy.

Deposit collections remain the property of the owner and are subject to permanent withdrawal from the archives following a thirty (30) day notice.

Portions of the deposit may be temporarily withdrawn by the owner or by an authorized representative only when noted in the restrictions section of the deposit agreement.

Deposit collections will be treated and made available for research and study according to the policies of the Society archives.  Reasonable restrictions may be in place, and must be noted on the deposit agreement.

The Society assumes no responsibility in case of the loss or damage of deposited materials.

The Society retains the right to terminate its obligation with reference to deposit collections.  In this case, written notification will be sent to the address provided on the deposit agreement that the deposit must be withdrawn within thirty (30) days.  Deposits left after the thirty day notice will become the property of the Society.

Individuals or organizations depositing material will be assessed an annual fee of $25.  This fee may be negotiated at the discretion of the Society.

Due to staff time and resources expended for archival processing, all collections will be kept on deposit a minimum of five years.  Deposit agreements may be renewed if still in keeping with the Collection Development Policy.  Any collections removed prior to the agreed upon time will result in the depositor being assessed charges for staff time, supplies, etc.