Haralson Historical Society Archives

{2.13}  County Accounts/ Collections

AccessionDescriptionGroupSeriesBook/ BoxV/FLocation
A008.001Miscellaneous Cancelled Checks (County) RG 2{2.13}Box 54N/A3-A-2
A008.001Miscellaneous Receipts (County)RG 2{2.13}Box 55VF 13-A-2
A008.001Ordinary Receipt Book 1957-1964RG 2{2.13}Box 55VF 23-A-2
A008.001Ordinary Receipt Book 2/1970-5/1970RG 2{2.13}Box 55VF 33-A-2
A008.001Ordinary Receipt Book 12/1970-4/1971RG 2{2.13}Box 55VF 43-A-2
A008.001Ordinary Receipt Book 5/1972-6/1972RG 2{2.13}Box 55VF 53-A-2
A008.001Ordinary Duplicate Check Copies 1949-1955RG 2{2.13}Book 1N/A3-A-2
A008.001Ordinary Duplicate Check Copies 1949-1956RG 2{2.13}Book 2N/A3-A-2
A008.001Ordinary Duplicate Check Copies 1957-1960RG 2{2.13}Book 3N/A3-A-2
A008.001Ordinary Duplicate Check Copies 1957-1965RG 2{2.13}Book 4N/A3-A-2
A008.001Ordinary's Account Records 1910-1912RG 2{2.13}Book 5N/A3-A-3
A008.001Ordinary's Account Records 1912-1914RG 2{2.13}Book 6N/A3-A-3
A008.001Ordinary's Account Records 1914-1916RG 2{2.13}Book 7N/A3-A-3
A008.001Ordinary's Account Records 1915-1916RG 2{2.13}Box 56VF 13-A-3
A008.001Ordinary's Account Records 1915-1926RG 2{2.13}Box 56VF 23-A-3
A008.001Court Cash Book 1893-1900RG 2{2.13}Box 56VF 33-A-3
A008.001Court Cash Book 1896-1900RG 2{2.13}Box 56VF 43-A-3
A008.001Court Cash Book 1927RG 2{2.13}Box 56VF 53-A-3
A008.001Court Cash Book 1927-1952RG 2{2.13}Box 56VF 63-A-3
A008.001Examination of County Accounts 6/30/1965RG 2{2.13}Box 57VF 13-A-3
A008.001Examination of County Accounts 6/30/1966RG 2{2.13}Box 57VF 23-A-3
A008.001Examination of County Accounts 6/30/1967RG 2{2.13}Box 57VF 33-A-3
A008.001Examination of County Accounts 6/30/1968RG 2{2.13}Box 57VF 43-A-3
A008.001Examination of County Accounts 6/30/1969RG 2{2.13}Box 57VF 53-A-3
A008.001Examination of County Accounts 6/30/1970RG 2{2.13}Box 57VF 63-A-3
A008.001Examination of County Accounts 6/30/1971RG 2{2.13}Box 57VF 73-A-3